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Hello World,

My name is Eka. I am an Akwa-Ibom – not Calabar – girl (read young adult but child at heart). I  live in Lagos but I am sure you might have figured that out from the header.

This is a diary about my escapades as an Akwaibomite in the famed Lagos. The hub of Nigeria, the New York of Naija, the amazing concrete amazon where all your dreams can come true!

I remember the first time I came to Lagos full of hopes and dreams and enthusiastic about my future. I had hopped on a bus from Port Harcourt for a job interview that I was sure would change my life. My cousin lived here and was doing well for herself so I would be just fine.

I can still remember my mother shouting at me to be careful of all those “dirty old men” who might want to take advantage of a young naive girl like me. If only she knew her daughter was not so naive and innocent, but that is gist for another day.

Now you might be wondering what is so special about Lagos that I want to document and share my experiences. Nothing really, but this Lagos is a crazy strange place and I am stranger here and I see and experience a lot of strange things daily, so I guess you could say sharing them is a way of talking to someone & keeping my sanity.

Anyways so this diary might sometimes be a rant avenue, sometimes be just me telling you about the rare boring days I have or the even rarer days when there is no traffic but most times this diary will just be general gist of the unbelievable things I see and hear in Lasgidi.

Eka a.k.a not so Lagos girl