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Hello 2015! Hello my ever awesome readers! I will skip the excuses and small talk and go straight to business. Since my brain is still trying (unsuccessfully) to whip up something awesome for my “great return to writing” I will just leave you with my entry for this week’s 100 Word Challenge For Grown Ups. The prompt this week is … As I put the decorations away I…

Here it goes.


I woke up to a very quiet house. The holiday was over, everyone had gone back to their busy lives.

I got out of bed to start my day: a quick prayer, a light meal, a stroll to the gym and back, a nice hot shower and finally a cup of tea before I got rid of all traces of the holidays.

As I took down the decorations, my heart heavy with the loss of my brood, my phone rang. I smiled as I pick up the phone to tell my first son that I was just thinking of him.