I have been slacking on my writing and really have no excuse. I will just apologise by posting a couple of old works of mine, from about 2 – 5 yrs ago. They are quite short and some of them end very abruptly, so I hope you can excuse that. I was still learning work. 😀

I will start off with one of my faves out of the bunch of them. I hope you like them. Enjoy!




The Power of A Praying Mother


On her knees in her room, she begins a prayer, “Lord, thank You for my son, thank You for putting him in my arms, heart and life. I ask in the name of your son Jesus that any evil …”

In school, he sees the bus that he is to board, as he gets to it, the driver pulls out and drives off. He is now not just late but also getting frustrated. He turns around to try and stop the next bus heading his way, suddenly, there is a screech and a crash and the bus he would have boarded is upside down and dragging to a stop taking a bike with it. It was later reported that there were no survivors.

“… Thank You Lord for keeping him for me. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.”