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*singing* Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you …

Ok, so I know it is quite late in the day, but I would like to say here for the world (comprising of my 20 or so blog readers) that I did not forget your birthday! 🙂 …

Ok, so maybe I forgot a little that it was your birthday today.  … 😐

I know there is no such thing as forgetting a little, I just … Fine! I remembered your birthday and I remembered that it was today, I just didn’t remember that today was the day. Imabong, does that even make sense? 

Daddy, that is not the point of this post.

I did forget that today is/was your bday, but not because I do not remember or think about you. Just because it really just skipped my mind that today is the 18th.

I remember telling Jide some weeks ago “My dad’s birthday is on the 18th” and then I started telling him stories about … Who is Jide? My boyfriend. Yes, he is a good boy, yes dad, he has a job and a bright future and yes he comes from a good … daddy? Not now please. I am trying to dedicate a post to you here.

Thank you. Anyways, as I was saying … I was going to say a whole lot of things but you of all people should know very well, that I was never really good at saying what I feel to you. I still haven’t learnt the art yet so instead of boring us all with my rambling mind, I will just write you a story instead. I seem to get it out easier that way.





“I am so nervous!” I was clutching the bouquet like it was a life line and hyperventilating. “It’s ok. Just think of it as a stroll. You and daddy are just taking a stroll to meet someone special.”

I turned to look at him and could feel myself calming down as he smiled at me. I let out a deep breath and smiled. “Stroll indeed”, I said with as much sarcasm as I could muster. He laughed then. His booming deep bellied laugh that  had scared me when I was a child. “I love you, daddy” I said, my eyes misting up.  Before he could answer, the music from the piano started. He kissed my forehead and “Let’s go for a stroll lil’ lady”

So we strolled to the ceremony that would join me as wife to my betrothed.

“It was a beautiful wedding”, my dad said as he approached me. I was sitting outside on the stone slab surrounding the fountain in the hotel where I got married. The wedding had wound down and the DJ was now playing slow songs for the few couples left. I was waiting for the car that would take us away from the venue.

I looked in the direction of the hall and because the doors  had been left wide open, I could see my mother and my husband’s mother enjoying a glass of champagne, talking about something that was making my brother, who was seated with them squirm. No doubt planning his own wedding. I felt his pain.
I laughed out loud at the thought and reminiscing on the day, I had to agree with my father. With a smile, I looked up at my dad and said, “Yes it was, daddy. It really was.”

My father smiled mischievously and thrust his hand in my face. “Hey lil’ lady, wanna dance?” I laughed out loud and took his hand letting him pull me up, “Of course, daddy” and did a little curtsy.

He held me in his big arms and we twirled around. He dipped me and twirled me around making me laugh out loud in delight.dance_01 I was still giggling when he turned serious and said, “I have to go darling.” The smile never left my lips as the tears formed in my eyes.  “Why can’t you just stay? It would make me so very happy if you stayed.” My dad smiled his i-am-an-old-wise-man-who-knows-what’s-best-for-you smile, I hated that smile. “You are happy and that is all I need to know to have peace. I came to make sure that you, all of you, were happy and I know that you are, so I am good to go!” He said the last part so cheerfully I wanted to scream. How could he just want to leave us? We needed him. He couldn’t just…
As if reading my mind, he shushed me, “It’s ok my sweet little girl. You always have me and if this dude here messes up I will come around to kick his butt personally.” At that, I laughed. “That’s better little girl. You are beautiful when you laugh so never stop.”

I grabbed him in a bear hug and nodded furiously against his chest. “I love you.”

“I love you too”, came the reply but from a voice not belonging to my dad. I stepped back from the hug to see my husband smiling at me. I smiled at him, and grabbed him in a big hug. “It’s going to be alright, we are all going to be fine.”  I said against his chest. My husband laughed and said, “That what I always tell you, babe.”

I was going to say something when he kissed me, a deep kiss that spoke of his desires and love and happiness. I came up from the kiss in his arms amidst the cheers of our family as he carried me to the car that had finally arrived. I snuggled into my husband’s warmth in the car as we drove off and thanked God for giving me the best wedding gift – a dance with my father.


So did you like it? I wish I could know. I will assume you did and imagine you asking me when I will write a book. Sounds like something you would ask if I showed you my blog. You always did have big dream for us. Lol.

We miss you and we love you. Always.

PS: Say hi to her for us.