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They were home alone and she was in his room.

Mom and dad had not yet come back from work and had called in to say they would be coming a bit later than usual. Since they were going to be alone in the house for a while, Ade decided they should go to his room.

He turned on the TV and put it on a music channel, turning down the volume so the music did not make it difficult to talk. Bimpe was staring blankly at the screen of the TV and started when he sat next to her on the bed. She looked up and smiled shyly at him.

“How was your day?” He asked, gently picking up her hand and kissing her palm.  She sighed and looked at him. He smiled at her. His brilliant smile that always charmed  and calmed her at the same time. She smiled back and begun telling him about all the things that had happened since she last saw him.

With every new topic, he found one way to get closer and more intimate in his contact with her until she was lying beneath him and he was looking into her eyes. She had been telling him about a guy that had been bugging her to go out with him when he had suddenly pushed her down on the bed. After looking deeply at her, he kissed her, long and hard and said in a throaty voice, “You are mine. Nothing and no one can come between us.”

She smiled at him thinking how lucky she was to have him as a boyfriend and how she loved him.

They made love for the first time on the bed where he had first kissed her a couple of years back, just before he had left home.  After, they remained that way, kissing and necking and playing with each other.

A while later, his tummy made a loud rumbling noise and she laughed and playfully smacked him, offering to go and make something for them to eat. They showered and went down to prepare something together.

They finished making dinner and were cutting up veggies for a simple salad that would go with the meal. It was at this point that they heard the door open and his mom walk in. He turned towards the kitchen door, when she passed it, and greeted her, “Welcome home mom.” They both said at the same time.
Right behind his mom, her dad followed through, shutting  the door behind him as he came in. He gave them both a huge grin when he sniffed the air taking in the aroma of the food that was waiting to be served. “Welcome home dad!”.  They had both said this at the same time again and turned to yell “JINX!” at the same time again and started arguing about who said it first. The parents rolled their eyes at each their before going to change and come down for dinner.

They were all seated at the table and eating in silence when their mother after looking at Bimpe for a long time in an oddly speculative way, suddenly asked “So what have you and your brother been up to since you got home?” Bimpe almost dropped her fork at the question and when she looked at him, Ade grinned at her, turned his attention to his mother and said, “We just gisted about all her boyfriends at school and watched TV. Then I told her about my boring job.” She looked visibly relieved and because her hand was shaking sightly, she dropped her fork and placing her hands in her laps, leaned back in the chair and picked up the act. Bimpe rolled her eyes at him and said to her dad, “You know I am supposed to do my internship  next year so, I was thinking it would be cool to do it in brother Ade’s company.” She saw Ade frown as she spoke. She remembered how much he hated when she called him brother Ade. She ignored him and continued, “You guys wouldn’t have to worry about me being away in the next town since he will be there with me.”
“Ah! You are right.” This came from her dad who smiled at his adopted son and started discussing what position she should apply for, soon they were all making decisions and suggestions with everyone contributing to the conversation spiced with the occasional argument.

The family of four continued with dinner, each lost in their own thoughts. Under the table, Bimpe’s hand was in Ade’s firm grasp.

When Ade and Bimpe got up to clear the dishes, their dad turned and said to his wife, “They seem to have gotten closer, don’t you think?” Her eyes never left her son and adopted daughter as she answered with a detached murmur.

They were definitely closer, but she wansn’t sure why she didn’t feel comortable with this new closeness.

She watched as they walked away to the kitchen. Ade had leaned down to say something in Bimpe’s ears and she had arched her neck up to listen, laughing delicately at whatever he was saying. Looking at them like that, they could share a kiss and it would look natural.

Then she realised what was bothering her so much. The mother realised that the scene before her was of lovers sharing an intimate joke and not of a close brother and sister.

She let out a loud gasp at the realisation and when the father asked her what the problem was, she smiled shakily at him and shook her head. Looking back at the silhouette of her children.