I have often wondered what kind of course my life would be if it were to be an art.

What requirements would be given for those willing to study this art? Would it be a tough course, or an easy one?

This is a "thought bubble". It is an...

This is a “thought bubble”. It is an illustration depicting thought. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Would any schools even be willing to teach this art and what kind of crazy nut-cases would be willing to study such an art?

Would people say about it, “Here we go to study the silliest, most confused and irrelevant art on earth” or would they say, “I can’t wait to study this art today, for I wonder what great new things I shall learn from such an art as this one”.

I laugh at my thoughts and hope if any such thing were to be possible, that occasionally something useful would be learnt from an art such as myself.

Oh, please do not be fooled into thinking that I sit and pointlessly ponder such things all the time.
I do not.
I merely wonder on the occasion that such a thought crosses my mind. Of course you can not say you do not indulge yourself the occasional loony thought pattern such as this one of mine. We are all guilty of wondering and pondering, but I digress.

Lately, I have come to realise, that a course like “me” should probably best not be taught to anyone. I mean, who could possibly understand the silly decisions I make, or the gibberish I spew at odd times of the day. Not to mention my day dreaming and fantasizing which would, without a doubt, drive the average sane person over the edge.
My course notes would probably be in some sort of  unintelligent, undecipherable gibberish language that would take eons to learn and even when that is achieved the studier would spend an such a long hard time trying to understand what the course notes are trying to say which when they finally get it would probably not have been worth the wait.

So yes I may dream of being of great that I would be studied as and art, but no one can really get an A+ in the art of being me.

I know cos I have tried. I can tell you after years of studying me, with many major degrees and short course certificates to my name (too many to mention here), I am not closer to being a master at me than I was when I first started out. Even those who are called great masters in their fields never claim to be masters of their fields, so who am I to claim that I am a master at being me?

It is safe to say though that after those long years of practice, only I can easily decipher my course notes, and make sense of my jumbled thought patterns. Only I can pass and sometimes fail my own tests and still come out with flying colours, if only for just being able to come out of such tests.

Yes, only me (or is it I) that can be the best at being me. For though I might not know or understand all the mini courses and test, I may not understand all the key players cast in my life and sometimes I may not even get the script of my life, I can only say this one thing: I may not be a master at the art of me, but I am the best student there is at it.

Random musings about a lot of things, brought about this post. I am sure I am not the only one who has wondered about such things at one point or the other. So what do you think you life would be like if it were an art, a course at school, a book, a play, etc? Let’s hear it people!