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Alberto Seveso’s stunning a Due Colori series

Turbulence and a raging storm
Peaceful spring days with silent calming  and caressing winds

Coming together
yet fighting to remain seperate

Though mixing with each other
our differences still are

Like two lovers
molding and melding together
only to come apart
so we can melt into each other again

Our love is a burst of colour
it’s a brilliant rainbow

Our coming together as powerful as the thundering clouds and lightening on a stormy day
yet as gentle as flowing springs coming together on their path to the ocean

Like silk fluttering in the wind
yet like lava pouring down from a volcano


Thunderous sounds
Quiet whispers

Such is our love

Such is the colour of our love

This is me and you

This is the coming together of me and you

PS: My inspiration for this post came when I saw  the pics in this post (the last post before this one) which I reblogged from a fellow wordpress user.
I went ahead to use one of the images as the featured image here. 

This is the result of looking at those amazing pics over and over again!

I hope y’all like it! 😀