That was the only word he could find to describe her. He watched entranced as she moved on the stage.

The sway of her hips, the movements of her hands. Little drops of sweat that occasionally dropped from her body and caught in the light making it appear like it was drizzling lightly around her.


Her feet were moving in a manner that was so interesting that it seemed she barely touched the ground. Her lips moved as she opened her mouth to lick her lips and breathed in and out from her mouth at some intervals. She mouthed the song when she heard the words, but most of the time she was just listening to the rhythm of the music with her eyes closed all the while swaying and moving and dancing.


As the music came to a crescendo, well disguised in dark stage clothes so he could look like he was not there, he came out from the shadows of the stage curtain at which point she ran to him and as the music reached a deafening pitch, she jumped and was caught up in a slow spin with her arms wide open and her legs straight out with pointed toes. like a bird in flight.

He looked up into her face as he held her up, he was glad he was the one that had gotten this part her face awash with the look of someone who had just been released. She had a serene smile and her breathing was coming in fast short breaths that touched his face slightly. The lights above her illuminated her in an eerie glow making her seem otherworldly. All the while the sweat that she had worked up during the performance kept dripping down onto his face. drip drop drip drop…

He wished he could hold her like that forever.

Gorgeous was all he could think of, all she was to him.

That was what she was until her sweat started pouring down like a light rain and suddenly came down on him like a huge bucket of water had been poured on him.

He jerked awake and to his feet, running to the into house after the initial shock of realizing he had fallen asleep on the veranda. On his way to the closet to get a dry towel and a change of clothes her blew a kiss to the poster of his fave dancer from a famous african dance troupe. The same woman he had just held in his dreams.

Outside the rain poured and the sound was like the intense music the troupe dance to and the tree beside his window swayed and moved, swished and swung. One looking hard at it and for long enough could say that it moved like a dancer.