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I needed you, but you were not there. Life came and took you away from me. My heart wept as my eyes shed the tears that my heart cried. I knew why you stayed away, i understood why you left me hanging, but still it tore my heart to shreds that you did.

If my life was a fairy tale, you would have sensed my urgent need of you and you would have seen the huge darkness in which i was drowning with my hand outstretched and looking for something to hold onto. You would have defied all the odds and come to my rescue, like a knight in shining armour. You would have pulled me out of the muck and gently taken care of me as i recovered.

I look up from my computer to find that my life is not a fairy tale and i miss you now as i did then. No one is to blame for it all, no one is to blame but life itself and even life itself can not take the blame for being what it is. If and only if my life was a fairy tale, it would all be very different than it is now.