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Three tone ring on a chain

It was as if it had just disappeared. She had searched high and low for it, but it was nowhere to be found. even the chain on which she kept it was gone. It was not like she needed it for anything, it was just that she felt a kind of attachment to it. She liked holding it cos she told herself it calmed her when she was nervous or scared. She had stopped sleeping with it though because she had begun to sleep fitfully and woken up once very uncomfortable and quite almost choked.

No matter what, she always knew where it was and always had it close by. Right now she was standing in what used to be her neatly arranged room, she said used to be neat because it now looked like a tornado had run through it. After rummaging through the room like a mad woman looking for an imaginary treasure, she still came up without it.

She was starting to get panicky. She picked up her phone and on the third ring “have you seen my ring?” A long silence and … “you have lost your engagement ring? We have only been engaged for 6months you know! I mean…” Before any more could be said she cut of the person on the other end of the line with “My other ring that you gave me and i am not in the mood for jokes. I have been looking everywhere for it and it is like it has just vanished…” She thought she heard a chuckle before “it is fine, you will find it. you will definitely have your ring back and it will be better than it was when you lost it”. After the soothing that followed and she had calmed down enough to not worry so much about it, she had fleetingly thought it odd the specific choice of words and was that really a chuckle she had heard?

One month later standing in front of the minister as they were about to exchange rings, he looked at her, smiled and said, “Sorry for making your worry about your ring and think you had lost it, but i promised that when you found it it would be better than when your lost it, right? Well …” With that he opened the ring box and the most beautiful pair of trinity bands looked up at her from their cosy box. They were both made of strips of pure yellow gold, red gold and the thinnest strip was of white gold and one of the rings was obviously smaller than the other. She was still staring at them when he began to speak again “The smallest strips are made of white gold and the silver that was taken from the purified outcome of the ring that you lost, that represents me. I mixed it with white gold because even though i am just a silver vessel my i have since become more of a gold because of meeting you, so i am now a little of both of us. The red or pink gold is you, it shows how you are God’s golden treasure and yet red and fiery and pink and warm from the little copper you have in you…”, by this time she was already crying “and the yellow gold is pure gold and signifies God, because with all our impurities and mixtures we are stronger together and better for each other with Him always by our side.” The tears flowed freely after he stopped. and pulled out the ring to place on her finger. As she did same for him she could hardly stop the tears from coming.

As she fell asleep in his arms on their wedding night, she was glad she had found her ring and she realised he had been right when he said it would be better when she found it. It was better because with the ring she had found the man she knew God had made for her. She would lose some things but she knew with God and him by her side, she would always find new things and they would be better that what she lost.