Happy endings always make the heart dream. They have a way of getting you all warm, fuzzy and smiley. Even if they make you cry, make you smile, leave you wanting more, or leave you with all of the above, you still have that warm fuzzyness that just comes with them.

On the couch, with my feet tucked beneath me, my shawl around me, all warm and cosy. The only lights that can be seen are the lights coming from the TV showing one of those movies with a happy ending. I watch as the climax to my happy ending draws near. I can feel my heart starting to beat faster, my palms start to sweat as i eagerly anticipate and wait for the happy ending that i know is coming.

As the movie draws to and end i see as my happy ending unfold before my eyes, a smile breaks out on my face, dreamy and sheepish.

I find myself tearing up as the main characters tear up also and if my life was a fairy tale or a fantasy, i would close my eyes and take myself to that scene so i could be there in person to see the moment and feel the emotion for myself.

If my life was a fantasy, i would make sure that every moment in my life had a happy ending, cos happy endings just leave the heart warm and fuzzy and keep you smiling every time you remember them. 🙂