I thought of you today and i missed you. I thought how nice it would be if i could be with you. I prayed that i would have sometime to come and be with you, but work kept coming up, and alas the day sped by and now i am home and i still miss you, even more than before.

If my life was a fairytale, i would have simply closed my eyes and sang a song, in my head i would have pictured your face and in my heart i would have held your memories. With my song, i would have called to you, with my with my head i wuld have thought the words which i would say to you and with my heart i would let you see, hear and feel me.

We would not have been together for long, because to bring you to me in that manner would take the mental strength from me and my lack of mental strength would mean and inability to keep you with me for a long time. You would go back as soon as i reached out to touch you, my hand would graze your face in the barest of whispers and you would slowly be drawn back to where i had stolen you from.

Seeing you like that would not quell the longing for you, but it would make me smile to see you smile at me and try to reach out to me just before i loose the hold on you. It would make me smile a lot for the rest of the day, that i got a glimpse, and the barest and softest touch from you. If that were the case my day would have been bearable.

Alas, my life is not a fairytale, and i do not have such powers of will or spirit. Thus i find myself, sitting by myself, wanting and wishing now not for you, but that my life was a fairytale, because if it was, i would spread my wings and fly to you.