Roses are Red; Violets are Blue

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

Somewhere in my head,

I thought it was you,

But between the then and the now,

you made me see that you weren’t true.

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

From the knife wound deep in her chest, her blood runs red,

While you watch with eyes swollen almost shut from a face beaten black and blue.

Roses are red

Violets are blue,

Sometimes when I lie in my bed,

I think of all the fun ways I would like to hurt you too.

Diary of A Not So Lagos Girl – Pounded yam at 12am.


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I was having a wonderful dream. I knew it was a dream because I had even complexion and also my lashes, nails and natural hair were long and healthy. My nonexistent-in-real-life boyfriend, whom I was about to engage in a very hot makeout session with was just my spec – tall, dark and inexplicably handsome with a lot of sexy to top it up. As you can tell, it was a good dream.

The said dream man (no pun intended) started running to me all excited. Since it was my dream, I changed the scene to a slow-mo type of situation. Chai! The dream was sweeting me. I couldn’t wait for this bobo to catch me. All of a sudden, my bobo’s footfall started sounding like a dinosaur was coming at me. Before I could think about what the heck that meant, the sound kept getting louder and louder until my mind could not sustain the dream and I woke up.

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This is a Man’s World 


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Today I watched, from my vantage point in a car, as a young girl, pretty as a blooming flower walked on her way from here to there..

She could be nothing more than 13 yrs of age or maybe 14 yrs or even 15 yrs. I wondered where she was coming from and where she was going to… From a visit home or from after school classes to a friend? Maybe from after school classes to the market for groceries that would make dinner… I looked on and thought what a pretty little doll she was.

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Seating Arrangements

Chinwe! Iyawo mi!

Chinwe cringed as she heard the voice that had called her name. She thought to herself that she would recognise that voice even if she was drugged with a brain tumour inducing drug that could make her lose her memory.

As Chinwe turned to greet the older woman to whom the voice belonged to, she wished she had that drug nearby or at least some alcohol in her system. After all one needed to be somewhat numb to face the mother of your ex-fiance.

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Diary of A Not So Lagos Girl – Welcome to Lasgidi


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Hello World,

My name is Uyai meaning beauty (in case you were wondering).  No, you can’t call me beauty just Uyai is fine thanks? I am an Akwa-Ibom – not Calabar – girl (read young adult but a child at heart). I  live in Lagos but I am sure you might have figured that out from the title of this post.

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Quiet Morning


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Hello 2015! Hello my ever awesome readers! I will skip the excuses and small talk and go straight to business. Since my brain is still trying (unsuccessfully) to whip up something awesome for my “great return to writing” I will just leave you with my entry for this week’s 100 Word Challenge For Grown Ups. The prompt this week is … As I put the decorations away I…

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Smell You Later


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“Knight Out by Knights”. I hated that perfume with a passion. I have only ever smelt that it once after that incident 5 years ago. Just one whiff and I was I was thrown into the fear and despair that was my life on that fateful night …

We were in school and should have been studying for the upcoming midterms but someone thought it was a great idea to turn up the sound system in their car and drown the whole dormitory block with music. Before anyone could say booze, one of the biggest parties of the semester was in full swing. Continue reading



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I closed my eyes

I saw your face

I held out my hand and you took it in yours

I opened my arms and you embraced me

I turned my face to you and you kissed me.

When I realised,

that I was in your arms,

my heart breathed.

It breathed satisfaction

It breathed longing

It breathed faith

It breathed love.

My heart it breathed, my heart it breathed;

My heart it breathed a sigh